About SVT


We are leaders in partnering with our community to strengthen our economy, facilitate healthy lifestyles, and maintain our cultural identity.


We promote the wellness of our people and communities through health care and social services, economic development and education.

Core Values

  • Cultural Identity: Through the wisdom of our elders, promise of our youth, and commitment of our heritage, we remain true to our tribal identity and stewards of our culture.
  • Determined Self Sufficiency: We believe our independence and autonomy are the strength behind our resourcefulness.
  • Excellence in Service: We provide quality service to our clients and customers in a responsible and supportive environment.
  • Integrity: We practice reliability, honesty and accountability in all that we say and do.
  • Partnership and Collaboration: Through team work, cooperation, and sharing of resources, we accomplish more together.
  • Respect for Self and Others: We place the highest value on the people in our organization and those we serve. We respect each person’s unique abilities and contributions.
  • Visionary Leadership: We achieve excellence through innovation and flexibility, creativity and insight.

Seldovia Village Tribe, IRA is a Federally recognized Tribe under the provisions of the U.S. Federal Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

Seldovia Village Tribe (SVT) is a federally recognized Tribal government that serves everyone—both Native and non-Native—in communities from Seldovia to Homer.


There are currently 514 members of Seldovia Village Tribe.


SVT is governed by an elected Council of tribal members and all Tribal members over the age of eighteen have a vote. Like other tribes, we are a sovereign, self-governing entity that promotes the preservation of Tribal culture, tradition and community economic development.

Seldovia Village Tribe Council

Crystal Collier, President


Lillian Elvsaas, Vice President

Trinket Gallien, Secretary

Kim Collier

Suzanne Collier (photo not available)


Don Kashevaroff

Helen Quijance

John Crawford

Katherine Gottlieb

The Seldovia Village Tribe Council meets recently at the SVT Health & Wellness building in Homer. From left to right are Lillian Elvsaas (Vice President), John Crawford, Katherine Gottlieb, Helen Quijance, Trinket Gallien (Secretary), Suzanne Collier, Crystal Collier (President) and Kim Collier. Absent from the photo is Don Kashevaroff who joined the meeting via teleconference.

Annual Reports