Missing Tribal Member Addresses

SVT needs your help tracking down these missing Tribal Members. 

Jason Agli, Jennifer Boland, Shayna Boland, Michael Diamond, Susan Gibson, Signe Green, Brrokelyn Hopkins, Eva Jensen, Priscilla Jones, Fredrick Josefsen, Jenifer Magallanes, Melissa Saugie, Lorraine Mantor, Taylor Markey, Stephanit McKnight, Leonard Medley, Jean Moonin, Judy Moonin, Shayna Muffoletto, Tristan Muffoletto, Charles Mumchuck, Kellie Nelson, Kevin Nelson, Kyle Nelson, Lora Newell, Racheal Newell, Colt Ogle, Cynthia Ogle, Hoyt A. Ogle, Joanne Olssen, Cynthia Petterson, Neil Poyorena, Kenneth Quijance, Sidra Rednall, Melanie Reynolds, Guy Sharratt III, Guy Sharratt Jr., John Simeonoff,  Clara Vedo, Karl Vedo, Kristen Vedo II, Anthony Waterbury.

Please contact Trinket Gallien Enrollment Clerk  tgallien@svt.org 907-435-3248 to update address information.

Tribal Newsletter

The SVT newsletter goes out to members quarterly. You can download our latest newsletter, or any of our archived newsletters.

Tribal Enrollment

Open enrollment for the Seldovia Village Tribe is from July 1st to September 1st each year.

Any blood descendant of any person who was originally enrolled to the Native Village of Seldovia, under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is eligible for membership.

Tribal Enrollment Form.

For more information on tribal enrollment, or to obtain an application, email the Tribal offices or call at (907) 234-7898.


SVT's scholarship program awards achievement scholarships of $1,500 to full-time students attending an accredited college or university in two-year or four-year undergraduate degree programs.

SVT also offers a student exchange program scholarship of $1000 for students studying abroad and trade school scholarships of $500.

Scholarship Application form.

To apply for a scholarship, email the SVT Tribal Offices or call at (907) 234-7898.

General Assistance

Short-term financial assistance is available to Alaska Native/American Indian people living in Seldovia area who are members of an Indian Tribe. This assistance is meant to help people make ends meet while seeking other income or financial assistance.

SVT offers a General Assistance Work Program in which eligible members perform work for grant funds received by the Tribe. Qualifications are:

  • Member of an Indian Tribe
  • Residing in the Seldovia Area
  • Individual and family not eligible for AFDC, SSI/Interim assistance for Adult Public Assistance.

To apply for General Assistance, email Trinket Gallien or call her at (907) 234-7898.

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